kinesiology brisbane

Access your body's innate wisdom to find answers and true change


My Mission

To empower each individual I work with to find their best state of being. Physically, Mentally and Emotionally. Inspire passion, ignite positive action, achieve best health. 


I offer three types of sessions;

Kinesiology: one off or on going sessions working on specific health, emotional, mental or spiritual issues. Designed to move you out of survival into creativity and thriving.

Coaching Kinesiology: packages designed to take you from creativity and thriving and aid you to expand in new ways to achieve your biggest dreams and goals.  

Mentoring for Health Professionals: packages designed for the health professional wanting more from their business and life.

I also offer seasonal visioning circles to my clients (and anyone who wants to come along) It is a consistent space to connect to your deeper self and clarify your vision and dreams. We use breath work, tailored visualisations / meditations, worksheets and intuitive tools to get clear and connected. For more info click here

These workshops are able to be booked for corporate settings and/or private events. Get a group of friends together and connect deeply. For more info, contact me


My kinesiology sessions combine various Kinesiology techniques including PKP, Chakra Balancing, LEAP, Brain Integration, Anatomy and Physiology balancing, Reiki, integrative movement, breath work, energy healing, nutritional testing and life coaching. You will leave with a deeper understanding of your body and mind.


I work on a model of self responsibility and self healing. I love working with clients who are ready to make positive change, who are not willing to settle for second best and know they are ready for a deeper connection to good health on all levels of self.




Rachelle has an amazingly calm energy that really enables me to relax and ‘go with the flow’ of the session. She has a broad knowledge base and is always able to share very helpful information and insights about what has come up as part of the balancing process. I look forward to our sessions with great anticipation, I come out of them feeling refreshed, renewed, and inspired!
— PN, Alexandria NSW

What Is Kinesiology??

Kinesiology combines Western science with Eastern wisdom to enable balance and healing to occur.

Kinesiology utilises the body’s natural biofeedback system, muscle monitoring, which was developed in the 1960’s by chiropractors, Dr George Goodhart and Dr John Thie. Muscle monitoring allows imbalances and/or stress within the body to be identified; be it structural, bio-chemical, emotional or energetic.

Through the use of a variety of individualised, non-invasive techniques including acupressure massage, light touch, chakra balancing, nutritional support, body work and specialised visualisation, the areas of stress are brought back to balance and the body's natural healing mechanisms kick in. Flower essences, nutritional advice, relaxation techniques, exercise and stretches may be advised as home reinforcement and to allow you an active role in your healing journey.

A kinesiology balance will allow you to reach those dreams and goals you thought were unobtainable.


We aim to bring the body back to the Healthy Triangle!

We aim to bring the body back to the Healthy Triangle!


The above illustration shows the basic principle behind kinesiology. Most people who come into my clinic have one or more of the sides of the triad of health comprised, thus resulting in a cascade of symptoms in the body, mind and spirit. Through muscle monitoring we determine where we need to focus to allow the quickest and most effective way to find balance. 

It is important to note that the connections of the triangle are energy based and each side is constantly relating to the other sides. 

I work in the Natural Therapies Industry and I believe I have benefited from kinesiology more than any other therapy!

The sessions were fantastic and the crumpled person who walked into Rachelle’s treatment room disappeared and was replaced by a smiling, buoyant, happy me with a spring in my step! I feel calmer about the stressors and issues in my life than ever before and more importantly I feel I can face them now with strength, determination and courage.

Rachelle is truly amazing, inspirational, empathetic and intuitive; I cannot recommend her highly enough!
— BT, St Leonards NSW

How may I be different after a session?

  • Increased energy toward your life

  • Improved immunity

  • Improved digestion and absorption of nutrients from foods

  • Improved sleep patterns

  • Posture aligned

  • Gain a sense of direction and purpose

  • Understand yourself on a deeper level

  • Mental clarity and focus

  • Greater physical performance

  • Self confident

  • Happier

  • A feeling of lightness and ease


What issues can a session address?

  • Pain

  • Chronic and Acute Injury

  • Stress Management

  • Anxiety/ Chronic Sadness

  • Digestive Problems

  • Immune Imbalances- Food Intolerances, Auto-Immune Conditons

  • Emotional Unease

  • Disconnection from Purpose

  • Learning Difficulties

  • Lung Conditions

  • Skin Conditions

  • Insomnia

  • Low Energy

  • many more...

I also offer Life Coaching programs and Mentoring for Health Professionals, designed to create positive change long term. For more info click here