kinesiology brisbane

Mentoring for kinesiologists and complementary health professionals

MOVE your business in the direction of your DREAMS


Designed to consolidate, refine and develop your business directive, personal focus and creative passion


Initially spurred by the membership changes in the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA), my mentoring program is designed not only to meet the AKA requirements, but also to enable you to grow and develop your Kinesiology business and skills in a holistic and rounded manner. We will focus on the balances/sessions you are conducting with your clients along with logistics of your business, your goals, dreams and ambitions. Let use this time wisely and creatively!!

I have grown my Kinesiology business from working from home in Sydney seeing around 4-5 clients per week, to a clinical setting 3 half days per week within 1 year (with just my Cert IV and a handful of other short courses) I then uprooted my clinic and moved to Brisbane, building my business at 2 different clinics, until at the start of 2015 establishing my own clinic space. I now average 20 clients per week over 4 days and am often booked out 2-3 weeks in advance. Your goals are most likely completely different to what I've created, however we will tailor what I’ve learnt along the way to your goals and desires.

I undertake mentoring myself on a regular basis and feel the benefits of mentoring hugely out ways the financial investment.




Please contact me for package details and organise the best structure for your mentoring program